Our employees use their years of hands-on experience and combine it with 3D solid modeling technology to design and build the tools you need. In the process, we will examine every aspect of your project - the concept, the design integrity, the tooling, the material, and the future maintenance your tooling will require. This allows us to develop high-tech tooling solutions that will assure you, our customer, a quality tool that is built for years of trouble-free production.

At Hess Industries Ltd. we are focused on the unique needs of you, our customer. We pride ourselves in supporting you throughout the entire die making process. Our team is prepared to help solve any concerns by partnering with you and devoting ourselves to thoroughly understanding your product and its application. That is why, no matter the size of the project, we are your one stop tooling source.

We have focused on developing a state-of-the-art tooling facility by keeping pace with the latest in technology advances. A combination of machinery, technical expertise, and a skilled work force makes Hess Industries an excellent source for handling your specific tooling requirements. The final result is a tool, custom made for your maximum performance.


Revised: 10/23/2011